GrupTG DX opens its doors to the students of Fundació Impulsa

Yesterday, 25th April, was a special day at our offices and facilities of GrupTG DX. We enthusiastically welcomed students and mentors from Fundació Impulsa, with whom we have a proud partnership. During the visit, the students and mentors had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the vibrant day-to-day life of our company and get a close look at the conglomerate of companies that make up GrupTG DX.

Our guests toured our offices, depots and workshops, while we gave them a detailed explanation of our group and the various companies that make it up. It was an enriching experience to share our passion for the rubbish and to show how we work to make a difference in the sector.

At Fundació Impulsa, promoting equal opportunities for young people is a priority. They accompany young people in their training, job placement and personal growth, with the valuable support of people and organisations in the territory, especially in the business sector. From GrupTG DX, we reiterate our commitment to initiatives that promote youth employment inclusion. We believe in the power of inspiring and empowering the next generations, and we are proud to contribute to this important purpose.