Tickets and fares

At DIREXIS, we are integrated into the transport operators of the Metropolitan Transport Authority (ATM). In this way, we offer our users a comfortable, easy and transparent system for getting around.

Operation of the Integrated Fare System (IFS)

What is a journey or travel?

It is the journey that the user makes from an origin to a destination and in which different modes of transport can be used: metro, bus, tram and train (FGC and Rodalies de Catalunya). The outward and return journeys are considered to be two journeys. Likewise, if a journey is made to carry out an operation and is subsequently returned, two journeys are considered to have been made.

Els Integrated multi-journey tickets are transport tickets with a certain number of journeys where, during a certain period of time, transfers are not penalised financially (i.e. they do not generate the consumption of a new journey on the card). For unlimited journey tickets, the zone where the first validation takes place always determines the zones of validity of the ticket.

Where can an integrated card be purchased?

  • At metro, tram, FGC and Catalonia commuter trains stations.
  • At intercity bus stations. Igualada: Pg. Verdaguer, Estació d’autobusos.
  • At the customer service offices of the integrated transport companies.
  • At ServiCaixa terminals.
  • In tobacco shops and lottery outlets.
  • At newsagents or other participating outlets.

Expiration of integrated cards

All transport tickets expire on 29 February of the year following the purchase of the ticket, except for the T-Trimestre, T-Jove and T-FM/FN 70/90, which can be used until 31 March. Cards that have expired and have not been used can be exchanged at the customer service centres of the different transport companies, without any financial transaction or compensation. The deadline for the exchange is 30 June.

Integrated Titles





Subsidised Integrated Titles



Titles for large or single-parent families (FM/FN)

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Title T-Mes for unemployed people.

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Find all the information you need about T-mobilitat, the new digital ticketing system for public transport in Catalonia.

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