DIREXIS MASATS and the UEA Foundation sign a new collaboration agreement

In a joint event aimed at strengthening the business and social fabric of the Anoia region, DIREXIS MASATS and the UEA Foundation, which is part of the Anoia Business Union, have signed a new collaboration agreement. The signing took place at the headquarters of the UEA Foundation and was presided over by Carme Pros, CEO of DIREXIS MASATS, and Joan Mateu, President of the UEA. This agreement represents a solid commitment to promote actions aimed at fostering employment, entrepreneurship and comprehensive support for businessmen and women in the region.

DIREXIS MASATS, a company with a strong commitment to social, economic and environmental improvement, reaffirms its mission to contribute to the well-being and progress of the society in which it operates. With this agreement, the company seeks not only to generate new job opportunities, but also to empower various groups, thus promoting inclusive and sustainable development in the region.

The UEA Foundation, as an entity dedicated to promoting actions linked to employment and entrepreneurship, finds in this alliance an opportunity to expand its impact and reach a larger number of people and companies. Its task is focused on accompanying and advising entrepreneurs, as well as the creation of collaborative networks that enhance the economic and social growth of the territory.

This collaboration agreement between DIREXIS MASATS and the UEA Foundation reflects the shared commitment of both entities to contribute to the comprehensive development of the Anoia region. Through specific actions and innovative programmes, they seek to promote economic progress, the generation of decent employment and the construction of a more inclusive and cohesive society.

Both entities expressed their enthusiasm and confidence in the positive results that this joint collaboration will bring, highlighting the importance of joining forces and working hand in hand to achieve common goals that benefit the entire community.