Our certifications

At GrupTG DX we work every day to offer you a quality, comfortable, safe and sustainable service. That is why we have the most demanding certificates and the most rigorous quality seals in the passenger transport and tourism sector.

GrupTG DX certifications

Quality Management System Certification (ISO 9001:2015)
Certified companies: TGO DX

ISO 9001:2015 is the certifiable international standard for Quality Management Systems (QMS). It ensures that we follow all the necessary processes to offer regular and occasional road passenger transport services with quality. We always want to offer the best service.

Environmental management system certification (ISO 14001:2015)
Certified companies: TGO DX and MasatsTG DX

ISO 1400:2015 is a voluntary international standard that certifies that TGO DX and MasatsTG DX work to better manage waste, reduce the risk of environmental accidents and enhance innovation. We care for the planet and reduce pollution..

Occupational health and safety system certification (ISO 45001:2018)
Certified companies: TGO DX

This certificate provides TGO DX with a model of health and safety management system in the workplace, which allows us to identify and evaluate occupational risks, legal requirements and other applicable requirements such as the definition of our company policy or our objectives. The safety of everyone, our priority.

Quality certification in passenger transport (UNE-EN 13816)
Certified companies: TGO DX and MasatsTG DX

This distinction guarantees that we work to improve the quality of our service, measured in parameters such as punctuality, comfort, customer information, accessibility conditions to our vehicles, safety, customer service and environmental impact. At TGO DX we work to offer you a comfortable, safe, sustainable, accessible and punctual service.

Security Management Badge to tackle Covid-19 (COVID – Prevention Practices)
Certified companies: TGO DX and MasatsTG DX

Issued by OCA, this label ensures TGO DX’s good practices in terms of health security against Covid-19. In this sense, it ensures that we apply strict protocols to curb the spread of the pandemic, thus offering safe spaces for our users and workers.

Distinctive environmental quality guarantee (Department of Territory and Sustainability)
Certified companies: TGO DX and MasatsTG DX

The environmental quality guarantee mark is a Catalan ‘eco-labelling’ system that recognises products and services that exceed certain environmental quality requirements beyond those established as mandatory by current regulations. At TGO DX, our journeys are environmentally friendly.

Responsible Tourisme Label (UNE 0066-17/2020)
Certified companies: TGO DX, MasatsTG DX and TGTravel DX

This label guarantees that, at TGO DX, we follow the guide of measures for the reduction of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infection published by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism of the Spanish government. We always offer you safe travel, also against Covid-19.

Ozonation treatment accreditation (OZPlus/JMB)
Certified companies: TGO DX and MasatsTG DX

This accreditation ensures the correct disinfection of our buses by means of an ozonisation process. This is a natural disinfection process without chemical products, which sanitises and eliminates odours that may have remained inside the vehicles. We disinfect all our vehicles with ozone.

Biosphere Responsible Tourisme (Biosphere – Costa Barcelona)
Certified companies: TGO DX

Biosphere develops certifications to recognise the sustainable efforts of destinations and companies such as TGO DX in their contribution to meeting the requirements and principles of sustainability and continuous improvement, through a private system of voluntary and independent certification. We are committed to sustainable tourism.

Standard Safe Travel (World Travel & Tourism Council)
Certified companies: TGO DX

It is the first global health and safety seal for travel and tourism, created in the wake of the pandemic. The seal lets users know that TGO DX is implementing strict health and hygiene protocols to prevent Covid-19 infections on its buses. Travelling with us is safe, even in times of pandemic.