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A great company cannot be understood without a great team behind it. At DIREXIS TGO and DIREXIS MASATS, we are fortunate to be able to count on great professionals in the sector.

Driving a coach is not just about getting behind the wheel and driving to your destination. There is a series of actions that make it possible to provide an innovative, safe, sustainable and quality service. In addition to the professionalism of our drivers, experts in the world of transport who, with their experience, care above all else for the safety of all their passengers, at DIREXIS we have:

  • Vehicle maintenance staff, who ensure that the buses are always ready for any journey.
  • The office staff, who offer personalised attention to our customers, advising them on how to find the service that suits them best.
  • The administrative department, which works under the most demanding ISO quality standards to guarantee the correct treatment of all the data entrusted to us by our clients.
  • The company’s management, which is always working to improve and to ensure compliance with all existing legal regulations. Often, they are even ahead of the guidelines to give the services the added value they deserve.

We are a great team of people working 24 hours a day at the service of our customers to take care of the smallest detail. 

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