Do you want to advertise on our buses?

Outdoor advertising is generally the ideal choice for branding, launch, maintenance or promotional campaigns due to its low cost per impact, high exposure, constant frequency and wide variety of possibilities. Specifically, bus advertising is the type of advertising that achieves the highest recall rate among outdoor advertising media, according to data from the General Media Study (EGM).

When we think about the impact of a campaign, we think about how many people will see an advertisement that we have published in a newspaper or on television only once. The impact on buses is much greater, as these are vehicles that circulate 16 hours a day in different municipalities. Therefore, it is more likely that the message you want to communicate will reach many more people in the city. In addition, bus advertising allows you to target geographically by routes or areas of interest.

At DIREXIS TGO and DIREXIS MASATS, we offer you all possible combinations of advertising: one side, both sides or the back of the bus. In addition, if you want to advertise on our buses, but you don’t have enough creative means, we offer you our free advertising design service.

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