GrupTG DX will use purifying advertising vinyls

  • The new advertising vinyls to be installed on GrupTG DX buses will be treated with the patented product PURETI, which is part of the new Orbita protocol exclusive to Teletransfer, which has a titanium dioxide base that purifies the air. Each square metre of bus covered with this type of vinyl is equivalent to the purification of an adult tree.
  • The measure, which is part of the group’s plans to decarbonise mobility, was made possible thanks to an agreement with Teletransfer, a DIREXIS group company, which is developing the orbital protocol with this revolutionary new technology in the advertising sector.

GrupTG DX has signed an agreement with the printing company Teletransfer, also under the DIREXIS brand, to apply the ORBITA PROTOCOL with the innovative product PURE AIR PRINT to the advertising vinyls of its entire fleet. This is a further step by the group to move towards cleaner, greener and more sustainable mobility. Specifically, the product has an exclusive Teletransfer protocol that allows the advertisement to purify the air and is applied through a conscious circuit, which ensures that the printing process is environmentally friendly; that the inks are water-based; that PVC-free materials are used; that the Pure Air Print air purifier system is used and that a fully certified recycling process is followed.

GrupTG DX’s advertising films will be treated with Pure Air Print, a coating made of water and titanium dioxide nanoparticles. Through the process of photocatalysis, this system – which uses sunlight – generates a chemical reaction that removes pollutants from the air. Each square metre of bus covered with this type of air-purifying vinyl is equivalent to the purification of a tree.

In fact, several studies, companies and institutions already endorse the use of photocatalytic technology. The benefits generated thanks to the incorporation of this project not only affect the environment, but also have an impact on the well-being and quality of life of the people who live in the territory. With this incorporation, GrupTG DX reaffirms its commitment to sustainable and decarbonised mobility.

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