Carme Pros, one of the protagonists of the book ‘Més dones olesanes’.

  • The book, which is the latest novelty of Edicions Paper d’Estrassa and which continues the project ‘Dones olesanes’, gathers the trajectories of exceptional and pioneering Olesan women who have broken barriers, often without being able to have references in which to be reflected.

Carme Pros, CEO of GrupTG DX, is one of the protagonists of ‘Més dones olesanes’, the new book by the Olesa publishing house Edicions Paper d’Estrassa. The work is the second volume of Dones olesanes, a project of Edicions Paper d’Estrassa born with the aim of highlighting the vital and professional witness of several women from Olesa de Montserrat. Following the successful format of the first book, which became the best seller in the municipality in 2021, Més dones olesanes follows the professional lives of fifteen new protagonists, with illustrations and texts by local authors.

Among the fifteen protagonists, chosen by a committee of women created specifically for the occasion, the life and professional career of Carme Pros at the head of GrupTG DX is recounted. It highlights her great leadership skills and her passion for the world of passenger transport, a sector that is traditionally very male-dominated. “There are more and more women working in the field of mobility, but there is still a lot of work to be done”, she explained during the presentation of the book at the Escorxador in Olesa, which was filled to capacity with some 300 people. The book also highlights Carme Pros’ more than 35 years of dedication to the company and her efforts to continue making TGO DX a company committed to quality, safety, innovation and sustainable mobility.

As in the first volume, the selection of the fifteen protagonists of the book was made by a commission of women created specifically for the occasion, who decided that the book should include the testimonies of Carme Pros, CEO of GrupTG DX. He is accompanied in the pages of the book by Lili Pacheco, psychologist and primatologist; Montse Povill, Unicef coordinator and founder of a school in Mallorca; Vicenta Pubill, footballer; Nuria Capilla, contemporary dance student and dancer; Silvia Díaz, communications and commitment coordinator at Greenpeace; Maria Paltor, midwife in Olesa for forty years; Montse Pardo, director of Institutional Relations at Microsoft Ibérica; Gemma Pons, plastic surgeon specialising in breast reconstruction; Dolors Martínez, actress, broadcaster and creator of podcasts; Maria Egea, music therapist and music teacher; M. Cristina Pujol, teacher, educational psychologist and education inspector; Montse Caba, human rights activist; Anna Escolà, chemist and researcher in personalised medicine; and Laia Buch, figure skater and world championship participant.

The illustration of Carme Pros is by Jenifer Ambròs. There are also illustrations by Raquel Clemente, Marta Martínez, Mònica Ortega, Alicia Latorre, Sarah Meyer, Sara Samper, Julia Figueras, Eva Pacheco, Judith Matas, Ona Boixader, Sara García, Marta Font, Inma Clemente and Eva Fernández. The texts and documentation were written by Carla Grima and the project was conceived and coordinated by the editor Quim Moreno.

The publisher, with the collaboration of Ajuntament d’Olesa, has also published educational boxes of the book, with didactic material to deal with the subject of feminism in the classrooms of all the educational centres in Olesa.