Olesa’s M2 urban bus introduces new vehicle and changes to the route and timetables

  • As a result of joint work with the Olesa de Montserrat Town Council, the operator TGO DX has added new stops to the line’s route and has increased the frequency of service.
  • The proposed improvement will be implemented from Monday 14 March 2022 and will allow for a more sustainable, faster, more efficient and more accessible service.

The M2 Olesa urban bus line of TGO DX, which connects the main points of the municipality, will incorporate from Monday 14 March 2022 several improvements that will affect the route and timetables of the service that has been offered until now. Specifically, as a result of joint work with the Olesa de Montserrat Town Council, the service will be offered by a new vehicle, which is much more environmentally friendly and more comfortable for users. From Monday, there will be new stops, for example at the different educational centres, the municipal market and the CAP. Stops will also be extended in the Eixample and Collet de Sant Joan neighbourhoods. In addition, the frequency will be increased at the Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat station (currently out of service and a temporary stop at Carrer Colom, on the corner of Carrer dels Ferrocarrils Catalans).

At the same time, from Monday, the service in the Ribes Blaves and Oasis housing estates will be improved, as the new timetables will allow the city bus to link the city bus service with the secondary schools (and therefore, secondary school pupils in the housing estates will be able to take the bus home).

Beyond this, with the aim of continuing to offer a good service to users, a new vehicle, much more environmentally friendly and comfortable vehicle has been introduced. The city bus stops are renewed, where from Monday totems will be installed with information about the bus timetables and where it will be complemented with the technological improvements that TGO DX has invested with the new application for mobile devices, which allows us both to consult timetables and route and also to consult in real time the location of the bus.