• The mobility company, which celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2022, has unveiled the new image designed specifically for the centenary, as well as the commemorative slogan: ‘One hundred years with you’.

The mobility company TGO DX, the oldest brand of GrupTG DX and one of the oldest in the sector in the Iberian Peninsula, celebrates the centenary of its birth in 2022. To start warming up the engines, TGO DX has already made public the new image and the slogan to celebrate its hundred years of life, prepared exclusively for the commemoration of this milestone. Specifically, there are three versions of the logo that play with the company’s corporate colours and seek to graphically represent the evolution and growth of the brand.

At the same time, the company has also unveiled the centenary slogan that will complete the new image. It is ‘One hundred years accompanying you‘, a claim that emphasises the company’s vocation for service, as well as the close ties it has forged over all these decades with the territory, the citizens and, especially, with its users. TGO DX has also launched a new section on the GrupTG DX website (www.gruptg.com/100), where you can find information on the history of the company and consult details of the activities that will be prepared during the year to celebrate this anniversary.

It should be remembered that last November, GrupTG DX already presented the renewal of the corporate image of all the group’s brands, including TGO DX, giving them a more modern, closer and more personal style.