• The mobility company, one of the oldest in the sector on the peninsula and the oldest of the GrupTG DX, will commemorate its 100th anniversary in 2022 with various activities: from a school illustration competition to the presentation of a book that will trace the history of the company.

In 2022, the mobility company TGO DX celebrates the centenary of its birth. Founded on 18 January 1922 in Olesa de Montserrat, the oldest brand of GrupTG DX is today one of the oldest companies in the mobility sector on the peninsula. To celebrate, the company has prepared a year full of activities. In this sense, it has already started a school illustration contest addressed to the students of the educational centres of the counties where it usually operates, and it is also preparing the publication of a commemorative book that will allow to follow the life of TGO DX from its birth to the challenges it faces in the 21st century to continue growing.

If we have reached this point, it is thanks to the people who work at TGO DX, to those who have done so at some point in their lives and to all the generations of users who have continued to place their trust in us day after day,” explains Carme Pros, CEO of GrupTG DX. The secret is to work hard every day to offer our users a quality service that is efficient, safe, fast and with good customer service”, she reveals. Carme Pros is optimistic about the future. “We have reached our centenary with a great desire to continue growing, and with our sights set on the future, which we like to look to with enthusiasm and hope,” she says.

As for the commemoration of the centenary, TGO DX has prepared a year full of activities. “We want to celebrate this milestone with everyone who has made the company grow”, says Carme Pros. In this sense, the company has already activated a new website (www.gruptg.com/100) where you can consult the details of the activities, and which will be updated with more news framed within the centenary. Recently, the company has also made public the new image and the slogan ‘One hundred years accompanying you’, prepared exclusively for the commemoration of this milestone.