The T-mobilitat offers citizens the T-usual and T-jove for 1 zone at the usual conditions and prices in the 36 municipalities of the AMB.

  • On 22 December, the period in which the securities were of short duration and at a reduced price comes to an end; the conditions of the T-usual and T-jove with the T-mobilitat become the same as for the magnetic securities: 30 days at 40 euros and 90 days at 80 euros.
  • These tickets enable public transport journeys to be made between the 36 municipalities that make up the Barcelona metropolitan area.

The T-mobilitat, the new system for travelling on the public transport network in the Barcelona area, enters a new phase of implementation on 23 December, in which the prices and conditions of the rechargeable card and the fare options that can be loaded will be the same as usual.

This concludes the previous phase. In October, November and December, some 60,000 people have registered and are now travelling regularly with the T-mobilitat, mostly by card but also by mobile phone.

The fare options that can be used in this new phase of the system’s deployment are the T-usual and the 1-zone T-jove, with a price and validity of 40 euros for 30 days, in the case of the monthly fare option, and 80 euros for 90 days, in the case of the fare option for people under 25 years of age. The price of the T-mobilitat card is now 4.5 euros, the usual price approved by the Barcelona ATM Board of Directors. It is also possible to travel directly with Android mobile phones with NFC; in this case, the cost of the functionality that allows this is 1 euro.

Initially, the T-mobility is used to travel by public transport between the 36 municipalities in the metropolitan fare area, which are those that make up the Barcelona metropolitan area and, at the administrative level, the AMB. The incorporation of the rest of the Integrated Fare System fare cards, such as the T-casual, and the rest of the zones in the Barcelona area will be gradual and will be carried out in subsequent stages of the project’s deployment.

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