• The book brings together 20 culinary recipes linked to Olesa, which are the result of a citizens’ appeal and which highlight the genuine products, gastronomic traditions and cultural diversity of the municipality. The presentation of the book will take place on Sunday 19 December at 6 p.m. at the Escorxador of Olesa de Montserrat.

Edicions Paper d’Estrassa will present its new book, ‘Cuines d’Olesa’, on Sunday 19 December, at six o’clock in the afternoon, in an event at the Escorxador of Olesa de Montserrat. The book, which has counted with the collaboration of TGTravel DX as main sponsor, is a compilation of 20 culinary recipes linked to Olesa de Montserrat and its inhabitants, with the aim of highlighting the genuine products, gastronomic traditions and cultural diversity of the municipality. Through sponsorships like this one, TGTravel DX contributes to the development of the cultural and gastronomic fabric of Olesa de Montserrat.

As for the book, all the dishes compiled in the book are the result of a public appeal made by the publishing house encouraging Olesans to submit recipes related to Olesa: from the dish their grandmother used to prepare to the one they make every year to celebrate festivities and traditions. From among all the recipes received, a jury made up of professionals from the world of cooking related to Olesa chose 17. In doing so, they took into account the presence of local ingredients; the local, personal and family history they hide and the cultural richness of the dishes. The jury completed the compilation with three of its own recipes. The result is a delicious book that shows the great gastronomic diversity of Olesa, with typical dishes from Catalan cuisine, but also with contributions from Andalusian and Middle Eastern gastronomy. 

The presentation of the new book will be attended by the authors of the recipes: Toni Morago; Jordi Artero; Rosa Granel; Abed Farwati; Albert Amat; Anna Casado; Antonia Vilar i Gisela Gandia; Bea Galán; Carmen Tallón; Daniel González; Edgar Minguell; Júlia Miras; Maria Calsina; Montse Martínez; Montserrat Esparbé; Pere Bernadó and Xavier Xairó. Also present will be the members of the jury of experts who have selected the dishes: Jose Tallón, chef of the restaurant Cal Tallón in Olesa; Eva Hausmann, chef expert in recipe design, gastronomic styling and catering; Jordi Torras, Olesa chef and former chef of the restaurant Tastafins; and Josep Sucarrats, journalist, director of the magazine Arrels and author of the prologue. Víctor Linares, author of the photographs in the book, and Quim Moreno, editor of Edicions Paper d’Estrassa, will also be present. The presentation will include live gastronomic demonstrations.