TGO DX, the leading company in the mobility sector in the province of Barcelona, is the main sponsor of the TGO DX 2021/2022 Federated Training Camp, organised by the Olesa Futsal Club. During these days of winter school holidays, dozens of children and young people from Olesa de Montserrat will participate in technification activities and will put into practice the knowledge acquired in real game situations, under the observation and correction of professional coaches.

“The children have really enjoyed the start of the Campus”, explained the Olesa Futsal Club. The children and youngsters, who wear the TGO DX logo on the T-shirt that the club has specially prepared for the activity, have already been able to work on individual tactics and meet Víctor Ramos, player of Industrias Santa Coloma and of the Catalan U-19 national team. “He has a trajectory that can serve as a reference for any child who wants to fulfil his dream”, adds the club. The player started playing futsal for Barça and currently plays for the reserve team of one of the best clubs in Catalonia.

From TGO DX, we are very excited to be able to collaborate in making possible initiatives like these, which are key in bringing sport to young people, promoting a healthy lifestyle and transmitting and educating in values.