• As a result of joint work with Rellinars Town Council, the TGO DX operator has added new stops to the route and has increased the frequency of service at existing stops, in some cases with previous demand. 
  • The proposed improvement, already in place since Monday 18 October 2021, has been carried out by the Department of Territory of the Government of Catalonia and will connect Rellinars and Castellbell i el Vilar with Terrassa’s Estació del Nort..

The TGO DX M12 line, which connects the municipalities of Terrassa, Rellinars and Castellbell i el Vilar, has incorporated from Monday 18 October 2021 several improvements that will affect the route and timetables of the service that has been provided until now. Specifically, as a result of joint work with the Rellinars City Council and the Generalitat de Catalunya, TGO DX has added new stops at Can Cotis – Les Codines, Les Serres and Avinguda del Solei with Ronda del Bosc street, both in and out of the Planet, in Rellinars.

Similarly, since 18 October, all expeditions have stopped at the Planet stop. They also stop at the Els Caus stop, but in this case a prior request must be made to the company. With this route modification, the line improves public transport coverage to the town of Rellinars at no additional cost, increasing the number of journeys that will stop at these stops in the municipality.

In addition, with the aim of continuing to offer users a good service, the M12 line has also been modified on its route through Terrassa. The vehicles will now pass along Passeig del 22 de Juliol to Estació del Nord and will travel along the entire Rellinars road. This has meant the elimination of the stop located at Avinguda Josep Tarradellas and Plaça de Lluís Companys, which has been replaced by two new stops, at the CAP de la Rambla and at the Mercat. This has made it possible to incorporate a third new stop at Estació del Nord in Terrassa, as requested by the Rellinars Town Council. These changes have led to the adjustment of the timetables.