Move better with T-mobilitat

This new system is a smart platform that allows you to better manage your public transport journeys.

Travel by public transport easily, safely and more comfortably!

What is it?

T-mobilitat is the new digital ticketing system for public transport in Catalonia.

This new system will integrate the entire territory and transport tickets, unify the different operators and facilitate the use of the network.

How does it work?

With T-mobilitat you can travel with your mobile phone or card easily and safely.
T-mobilitat rechargeable card
Mobile application (NFC)

What are the advantages of this new system?

You can access public transport with a mobile phone or with a rechargeable card thanks to contactless validators. 

All the movements you make on public transport are concentrated on the same platform. You have the “Personal Area“, where you can purchase and manage tickets and support.

The new system works with contactless technology and is more durable and more secure: the validity of the tickets is restored in case of loss or theft.

Switch to T-mobilitat

All your movements on public transport at your fingertips on the same platform, which will unify your transport tickets, allow you to buy online, make different procedures and requests and be informed of the latest news and possible changes in public transport.