Sanitary measures

Safe mobility plan

Our goal is to restore confidence that public transport is a safe, comfortable and ecofriendly space for everyone.

This year our organization has renewed the COVID GOOD PRACTICES certification that the OCA GLOBAL entity certifies that all processes comply with the standards and that the preventive measures applied are efficient to keep all our internal and external stakeholders protected against any possible risk of contagion.


Specific disinfectant products with viricidal action are used apart from complementing and reinforcing the cleaning with viricidal products that are sprayed directly after sanitizing on, bars, handrails, grips, handles, seats and all the interior elements of the vehicle.

Likewise, and on a daily basis, once the vehicles have been thoroughly cleaned, disinfection is completed with a high-power ozone cannon, which removes biological contaminants such as bacteria and viruses.

Due to its unique characteristics, ozone meets many of the ideals of a biocide such as:

  • Be effective against a wide range of microorganisms, including viruses.
  • Act quickly and be effective in low concentrations.
  • Do not cause deterioration of materials.
  • It is safe and easy to use and apply.
  • It is disposed of quickly and easily without leaving dangerous substances that can harm health and the environment.
  • Purification of the interior air of vehicles, achieving a pleasant, fresh and odor-free environment.
  • Deodorant: elimination of odors, especially those of organic (human) origin, as well as VOC (volatile organic compounds).
  • End the problems of odors, contagions and allergies due to environmental pollution.

The rules and recommendations of the health, labor and transport authorities are followed, to offer the maximum guarantees of protection to travellers and that they can return to travel in a calm and safe way.


During and after service

  • All our drivers and monitors use a mask on a mandatory basis in all services.
  • They are provided with hydroalcoholic gel, handkerchiefs and disinfectant with virucidal action to maintain a disinfected and safe environment, the action is complemented by giving gloves and protective glasses to carry out cleaning tasks too.
  • Once the service is finished, each driver or school transport assistant will carry out disinfection tasks in the areas with the highest incidence, as indicated in the protocol, paying special attention to handrails, handles and handrails. The ALCOLAC product is used, which is a viricide registered by the Ministry of Health.
  • All the cellulose used is for single use and once used, it is thrown into the remaining fraction with bags closed with a double knot.
  • All cleaning tasks are registered by means of a Qr code, for having maximum traceability.

Recommendations to staff

A series of recommendations have been given to the staff:

  • Do not go to the workplace in case of presenting any symptoms.
  • If it is narrow, follow the recommendations of the health service and the occupational risk prevention service.
  • Instructions have been given to the entire staff to know how to act in case of presenting symptoms before, during and after working hours.
  • To get to work, use the mobility options that best guarantee the interpersonal distance of 1.5 meters.
  • Posters and information pills have been distributed in all bases, among all personnel so that they are informed at all times of the news related to the pandemic.
  • Guarantee adequate ventilation of spaces and workplaces.


“By protecting you, we all protect ourselves. Also, in transport “

From the companies of the group, we are working to keep all our users informed of all the news related to Covid19, through:

  • Social networks
  • Web page
  • Information signs inside the bus and at stops as far as possible due to mobility restrictions.
  • Customer service department
  • Drivers

 It is reported on:

Measures for the use of public transport during the emergency situation due to Covid-19 carried out by the Metropolitan Transport Authority, for the passage: