DIREXIS TGO joins AEMES Smart to boost sustainable mobility

DIREXIS TGO, one of the pioneering companies in the mobility sector in the peninsula and the oldest of GrupTG DX, is now part of the Association of Mobility, Sustainable Environment and Smart Companies (AEMES Smart).

This association represents a significant step in our ongoing commitment to innovation and sustainability in the mobility industry. AEMES Smart not only brings together and makes visible companies committed to sustainable mobility, but also acts as a powerful lobby to defend and promote the competitiveness of the sector.

One of AEMES Smart’s key missions is to drive the process of change and transformation of traditional industries towards the new era of mobility. The association strives to ensure that companies have access to the qualified talent and training necessary to remain competitive in a constantly evolving market.

In addition, AEMES Smart works to complement value chains and promote a sovereign industry that can access competitive supplies. This vision aligns perfectly with our values at DIREXIS TGO, where we always strive to offer innovative and sustainable mobility solutions.

We are proud to be part of this dynamic network of companies committed to a greener and more efficient mobility future. This partnership provides us with an invaluable platform to collaborate with other industry leaders, share ideas and work together towards a common goal: transforming mobility for the next generation.