DIREXIS TGO receives the prestigious Distinction for Equality in the Company from the Instituto de la Mujer (Women’s Institute).

  • The recognition has been awarded to 28 new entities, and currently only 171 companies have this distinction for their equality policies among their workers in Spain.
  • It is one of the first passenger transport companies at national level to have this distinction, being a pioneer in Catalonia.

DIREXIS TGO, a leading player in the passenger transport sector, has been one of the 28 new companies awarded with the prestigious Distinction of Equality in the Company (DIE), granted by the Women’s Institute, which is part of the Ministry of Equality. This recognition is intended to reflect the company’s ongoing commitment to gender equality and the promotion of diversity in the workplace. This is done by studying the implementation of equality plans and measures, in areas such as access to employment and working conditions, including reconciliation and co-responsibility measures, remuneration policy with a gender approach, inclusive communication, aspects related to the organizational model or Corporate Social Responsibility, among many other areas of action.

“I have been in the world of mobility and transportation for 38 years and I can say that this is a sector traditionally dominated by men. Today, almost 34% of our workforce is made up of women. For this reason, at DIREXIS TGO we have prioritized the implementation of innovative policies and practices to promote inclusion and gender equity,” says Carme Pros, CEO of DIREXIS TGO. “From the entity, we strongly believe in equal opportunities for all, regardless of gender. This recognition not only celebrates our past efforts, but also motivates us to move forward, working tirelessly to create an inclusive and equitable work environment,” she adds.

In today’s dynamic corporate landscape, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) have become essential elements. These concepts play a key role in improving talent retention and addressing common challenges facing Spanish companies, such as mental health care and burnout reduction. Moreover, those organizations that embrace and promote these values are not only more innovative and productive, but also demonstrate greater commitment to both their customers and their employees.

37% of the Spanish population surveyed in the recent People at Work 2023 study stated that their company has improved in IED compared to the last 3 years. This shows that there is still a long way to go in this area. The same report states that Europe enjoys an enviable status as an attractive continent to work in, although in some key areas, such as pay increases and DEI, employers are less generous or progressive than in other regions of the world.

The Distinctive of Equality in the Company, regulated by Royal Decree 1615/2009 of October 26, 2009, is the only public recognition at state level and is granted by the Ministry of Equality to companies that adopt effective policies and actions to promote gender equality and combat discrimination in the workplace. DIREXIS TGO has stood out not only for the presence of a woman at the head of the company’s management, but also for the implementation of programs that support the professional development and well-being of all the people who are part of the organization. In addition, it is worth noting that this is the only public distinction at the state level and that, to date, only 171 companies have received it since 2010.

“From DIREXIS TGO we have taken various measures to promote progress and inclusion in the company,” specifies Carme Pros. “Some examples are the implementation of an equality plan and anti-harassment protocol in the organization; flexible working arrangements to facilitate work-life balance; diversity and inclusion awareness and training sessions are held for all staff; and we also have ongoing training programs on equality and diversity, aimed at all levels of the team,” says Pros.

Once the DIE is obtained, companies retain their ownership for a period of 3 years. During this time, they must maintain and demonstrate their level of excellence in equality, with the option of requesting an extension if they wish. Consequently, the company undertakes to conduct periodic internal audits to evaluate the effectiveness of these policies, allowing for continuous adjustments to achieve positive and sustainable results in terms of gender equality.

“Achieving this badge is a very important milestone for DIREXIS TGO, as it goes beyond recognition. It is a firm step towards making the transport sector more diverse, equitable and innovative. We are proud to be one of the few transportation companies to have this distinction, but in the same way, we invite many more to join and contribute to what should undoubtedly be a common goal,” concludes the expert. In addition, these organizations will join the Network of Companies with DIE, a space designed to facilitate the exchange of experiences and good practices related to equal treatment and opportunities between women and men in the workplace. The purpose of this network is to share knowledge and promote initiatives that foster equality, as well as to disseminate these practices throughout society. After the last call, the DIE Network currently has a total of 171 members.