ElMeuBus DX’s on-demand bus service in Les Comes industrial estate is a success

  • GrupTG DX presented today in Igualada the first results of the pilot test of the Clic.cat on-demand bus to Les Comes, facilitated by ElMeuBusDX. In a year and a half of operation, it has gone from 31 bookings during the first month to 1363 bookings last September.

The event was attended by Carme Pros, CEO of GrupTG DX, Oriol Martori Gallisà, Director General of Transport and Mobility of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Marc Castells, Mayor of Igualada, Miquel Vives, Councillor for Mobility of Igualada, Joan Domènech, President of the Anoia Business Union, Joan Mateu, President of the Les Comes Industrial Estate Business Association, Jordi Bòria, Councillor of Santa Margarida de Montbui Town Council and Susana Gutiérrez, Councillor of Vilanova del Camí Town Council.

The use of this on-demand diver, which facilitates labour mobility between the Les Comes industrial estate and the municipalities of Igualada, Vilanova del Camí and Santa Margaria de Montbui, continues to grow thanks to the good reception from users. Since the start of the service, 9,538 people have used it, consolidating its success.

Miquel Vives, Igualada’s councillor for Mobility, welcomed the growth of this service, as “it reflects the transition we are undergoing towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly mobility model”. He was followed by Carme Pros, CEO of GrupTG DX, who said that the agreements with companies in the industrial estate and organisations have been “key to consolidating this on-demand transport service“.

A success also among the companies of the Les Comes industrial estate.

During this period of operation, many companies in the industrial estate have started to offer season tickets to their employees so that they can use the service free of charge. Joan Mateu, the president of AEPIC, has encouraged companies to “spread the word among their workers about the advantages of the service and, where possible, provide them with season tickets”.

There are currently two lines with stable timetables and stops, configured according to the needs of workers and companies in the industrial estate: TAD1 (Santa Margarida de Montbui – Igualada – Les Comes) and TAD2 (Vilanova del Camí – Igualada – Les Comes). Those interested in using either of these two lines only have to book their ticket through the app ‘ElMeuBus Clic.cat’ and indicate the stop of origin and destination. In this way, the bus only runs if there is demand, offering a more efficient and sustainable service.