TGO DX successfully collaborates with Caritas during 2022

TGO DX continues to collaborate one more year with Cáritas Parroquial de Olesa de Montserrat through actions and activities aimed at helping people in situations of poverty, vulnerability or social exclusion.

Thanks to the support of TGO DX and other entities, several actions have been carried out during the year 2022, such as caring for 86 Ukrainian families (143 people) and raising €121,706.74, of which €40,000 was allocated to help in the conflict zone.

During 2022, Caritas was able to open a new shared house in Sant Feliu for women and their children. A new flat has also been extended in Esplugues to increase the supply of social rental housing offered to people in social exclusion.

TGO DX, through Caritas, has also worked in the educational field, collaborating with an educational programme in Castelldefels that offers a space, educational resources and professional attention to ESO students. On the other hand, six occupational training courses have been carried out with 112 people, 50 of whom found work.

Likewise, Càrites has continued to work by sheltering and accompanying around 5,000 families. Because of the crisis, emergency aid has increased by a further 25%. TGO DX has also collaborated with the company Brins d’Oportunitats, a Càrites job placement project that offers work to 34 workers.

TGO DX will continue to collaborate during 2023 to continue to carry out actions such as these.