TGO DX and MasatsTG DX hand out roses in solidarity with Grup Àuria

  • On 22 April, the eve of Saint George’s Day, several users of the regular lines of the mobility companies TGO DX and MasatsTG DX received one of the 500 roses of solidarity from the Àuria Foundation, which works with people with functional diversity to guarantee their autonomy, quality of life and equal opportunities.

This Friday, coinciding with the vigil of Saint George’s Day, TGO DX and MasatsTG DX handed out 500 solidarity roses from Grup Àuria to the users of its transport lines. The roses have been made over the last few weeks by the professional team of the Àuria Group, a group of entities that work to guarantee autonomy, quality of life and equal opportunities. On Friday, Grup Àuria staff delivered the roses personally to passengers on several GrupTG DX lines.

The action is part of the collaboration that the GrupTG DX companies have maintained for years with the Grup Àuria, through which they support people with special difficulties, risk of social exclusion or vulnerability and seek to ensure quality of life, participation and job placement with innovation criteria.  At the same time, the initiative fits within the usual actions of GrupTG DX in terms of corporate social responsibility. Through sponsorship or patronage agreements, or specific collaborations, the company helps to energise, enrich and bring together society and the municipalities in which it works regularly to make them prosper.