• The label, awarded to TGO DX by the +Responsables Association, certifies that the mobility company is committed to socially and environmentally responsible management.

This February, the +Responsables Association has awarded the mobility company TGO DX the Responsable label, a distinction promoted by the organisation with the aim of certifying the firm commitment of the companies that obtain it in the field of sustainability and social commitment. In this sense, TGO DX has achieved the hashtag thanks to its commitments in the economic, social, environmental and corporate social responsibility fields.

Specifically, in the economic sphere, TGO DX stands out for its environmental awareness, which is reflected, for example, in its integrated management policy. At the same time, the company has quality seals, an anti-harassment protocol and an Equality Plan to ensure equality in the workplace. In addition, TGO DX is committed to working with local suppliers whenever possible: from stationery and hardware to the manufacture of work uniforms. In the social area, the company stands out for its efforts to facilitate work and family reconciliation for its team of professionals, for having enabled the Complaints Channel and for participating in collaboration agreements with various sports, educational and third sector entities rooted in the territory. Finally, in the environmental field, TGO DX’s effort to move towards the use of clean energies in its fleet and the calculation of its carbon footprint in order to design actions to reduce it.