• The T-usual and T-joven de 1 zona can now be purchased with the FM/FN General and Special discounts for single-parent and large families; they allow travel between the 36 municipalities of the Barcelona metropolitan area.
  • Those who want to access the profile and the bonus will have to initially prove their status as a single parent or large family member; after that, they will be able to recharge the bonus tickets at vending machines, mobile applications or on-site points, as long as the M/N family documentation is still valid.

From Friday 18 February, T-mobility, the new system for travelling on the Barcelona area public transport network, will include a reduced fare for single-parent and large families and the T-usual and T-joven FM/FN General and Special 1-zone fare options. With this step, families who can prove they are eligible for these fare options at subsidised prices in the new T-mobility system, for travel between the 36 municipalities in the Barcelona metropolitan area. The main advantage, moreover, is that the documentation will only have to be presented once, and not at each purchase, as was the case until now. Afterwards, those with a discount can purchase the FM/FN fare cards through any of the channels offered by T-mobility.

Those interested will have to present the accrediting documentation, which is the same that has been requested up to now with the magnetic system, at an on-site branch of the network. Once this verification has been carried out by the customer service staff, the person will have an active profile for as long as the single-parent or large family status is valid, and will be able to recharge the subsidised fare options at the vending machines and the official T-mobility applications independently.

This presentation of documentation can be carried out at the T-mobility Centre and at the authorised points of the public transport network; it is necessary to check if an appointment is required before travelling.

If the person in a family accredits the subsidy and has minor children linked to the T-mobility system, they will also have to present their documentation and, in this way, they will be able to assign the subsidised profile from their own personal area. In the event that the children are of legal age, it is they themselves who can prove their FM/FN status at a service point.

Remember that T-mobility initially allows you to travel on the public transport network between the 36 municipalities of the Barcelona metropolitan area, with the T-usual and T-joven tickets for 1 zone. More zones and integrated fare options will be added gradually. Public transport users are advised to strictly respect the established health protection measures, especially the use of masks during the entire stay in public transport facilities and vehicles, the prohibition of food or drink in vehicles, the distribution of all available space and the following of the indications given by the operators’ staff.