• Through the organisation’s sponsorship programme, TGO DX will continue to contribute financially to the centre’s educational activities and will make it possible to recover scholarships in artistic and language education for children in difficult socio-economic situations.

The mobility company TGO DX, part of the GrupTG DX, has renewed its annual collaboration agreement with the Fundació Municipal Escola d’Arts i Oficis of Olesa de Montserrat, through the sponsorship programme promoted by the entity. In this way, TGO DX will continue to contribute financially to promote the training activity of the school, which for more than 90 years has become a key element in the municipality when it comes to expanding the labour and transversal skills of its students. With the renewal of the agreement, TGO DX wants to continue working to promote training in the four educational areas of the school: arts and crafts, languages, information and communication technologies, and cooking and baking.

“TGO DX’s contribution will allow us to overcome the complicated situation we are experiencing as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, but also to recover the scholarships in artistic and language education aimed at children who cannot access the courses due to the socio-economic situation”, says Fernando Vicente, the centre’s director. TGO DX thus maintains its strong commitment to the social, training and employment development of the territory, collaborating to promote culture, the study of languages and the arts in a broad sense as essential tools for the personal and professional growth of people.