Service improvements to lines L59 and L67

The Department of Territory of the Generalitat de Catalunya and DIREXIS TGO will launch next Thursday 2 May improvements to the L59 line, which connects Rubí, Sant Cugat del Vallès, Castellbisbal, El Papiol, Molins de Rei and the Moisès Broggi hospital in Sant Joan Despí, and the L67 line between Castellbisbal, El Papiol, Molins de Rei, Sant Joan Despí and Barcelona. These improvements are designed to improve reliability, punctuality and supply in accordance with the needs of users, especially in the early hours of the morning.

L59: New dispatches

To meet the needs of morning commuters, we have added a new expedition from El Papiol to Barcelona, which will leave at 7:25 in the morning. This expedition will include a stop at 7.55 a.m. at the Moisès Broggi Hospital and will continue to Barcelona as L67. This addition will provide a third option for users who wish to arrive at Molins de Rei and the hospital before 8 a.m., as well as an additional alternative for entering Barcelona during the early hours of the morning.

In addition, a new service from Barcelona to Castellbisbal has been introduced for this timetable slot, which will cover possible early morning departures from the CAP La Granja (with a departure at 8.37 a.m.) and will arrive in Castellbisbal at 9 a.m. From Canyet, this service will run as another service on the L67 and will facilitate access to the centre of Castellbisbal. Finally, in order to improve punctuality, the journey from Molins de Rei to Rubí has been brought forward by 10 minutes, leaving at 8.15am and arriving at 8.45am instead of 8.55am.

L67: Updating and new journeys

The timetables of some journeys have been adjusted on weekends to improve the reliability of the service due to the traffic generated at the entrance to Barcelona. The changes include bringing forward the departure from Castellbisbal to Barcelona by 10 minutes to 6.35am, eliminating the stop at Plaça Lluís Companys on the Barcelona to Castellbisbal journey at 7.25am, and bringing forward arrivals and departures at various points in the morning and afternoon.

The service has also been improved with 4 new morning and afternoon departures in each direction, enabling passengers to arrive in Barcelona at 8.15, 9.55, 11.55 and 14.30, and in Castellbisbal at 9.00, 10.35, 12.35 and 15.15.

Journeys from Castellbisbal to Barcelona at 6.55 a.m. and from Barcelona to Castellbisbal at 8 a.m. have been moved forward by 10 minutes.

In addition, to improve efficiency at the Papiol Rodalies station, a new route has been proposed for the two stops on lines L59 and L67. Now, regardless of whether the bus continues on to Barcelona or Castellbisbal, the bus shelter at the station will be used for buses that have not yet entered the town centre of El Papiol, and the stop in front of the bus shelter will be used for buses that have already entered the town centre.

These improvements are designed to provide a more convenient and efficient transport service for our users. We are committed to continue improving the lines to meet the mobility needs of our users.

Improvements under the coordination and funding of the Generalitat de Catalunya.