Territory improves connections with new inter-city services on the B-40

The Department of Territory of the Generalitat de Catalunya and DIREXIS TGO will launch on 2 April improvements to the M1 line, which links Olesa de Montserrat, Viladecavalls, Terrassa and the UAB, and the new M9 line between Esparreguera, Abrera and Terrassa. These improvements are designed to offer a more efficient and convenient service for users and students in the area.

Improvements to the M1 line between Olesa de Montserrat and UAB:

From that date onwards, the M1 line will run along the B-40, which will reduce journey times and improve the overall experience for our users.

One of the main improvements is the introduction of “express” services between Olesa, Terrassa and UAB, especially during peak times. Some journeys, mainly the busiest ones, will not enter Viladecavalls, which will allow faster access to key destinations. Access to the UAB campus for users from Viladecavalls will be guaranteed by transferring to the current M6A line (Viladecavalls-Terrassa shuttle). In addition, the timetable coverage of the M1 line has been extended with the inclusion of eleven new journeys, especially between 13.30 and 17.00, including two additional journeys to the UAB to improve the timetable available to users.

New M9 line between Esparreguera and Terrassa:

Also starting on 2 April, the new M9 line will connect Esparreguera, Abrera and Terrassa efficiently and quickly. This new line will take advantage of the recently inaugurated Olesa-Viladecavalls section of the B-40 motorway, offering faster and more direct access.

The route of the M9 line will start at the Tres Caravelles stop in Esparreguera and will follow the main axis of the municipality to the Creu stop. From there, it will head to Abrera, with strategic stops along the way, and finally reach Terrassa, with the final destination at the bus station. Line M9 will offer services in both directions, adapting to the needs of users from Esparreguera, Abrera and Terrassa.

These improvements are designed to provide a more comfortable and efficient transport service for our users. We hope that these improvements to the M1 line and the introduction of the new M9 line will meet the mobility needs of our community and enhance their travel experience.

Improvements under the coordination and financing of the Generalitat de Catalunya.