Bus4.me awarded at the VXI Premis Carles Ferrer Salat 2023 de Foment del Treball

The 16th edition of the Carles Ferrer Salat Awards and the presentation of the Medalles d’Honor de Foment del Traball (Medals of Honour of Foment del Traball) were held on 30 October at the National Theatre of Catalonia in Barcelona.

In 2007, Foment del Treball established the Medalles d’Honor and the Premis Carles Ferrer Salat, which are awarded to those people or companies that have stood out in the field during the previous year. Specifically, the Medalles d’Honor are awarded to outstanding figures in the business and social sphere. With these distinctions, Foment seeks to highlight the professional career, business ingenuity and commitment to citizenship.

In parallel to the medals, the Carles Ferrer Salat Awards, with which Foment del Treball recognises the work of companies and entrepreneurs in Catalonia. These awards honour the values of the liberal, open-minded businessman and defender of knowledge and dialogue, such as Carles Ferrer Salat, president of Foment, founding president of CEOE and president of the large European employers’ organisation Unice.

In this year’s 2023 edition, bus4.me, a leading company in the on-demand transport sector, has been awarded in the Sustainable Development category. This award distinguishes those companies or institutions that design or incorporate a substantial innovation to an existing product or service that involves improvements in environmental performance compared to similar alternatives while preserving the functionalities, that have promoted the development and application of a new technology that promotes a more eco-efficient production and/or that have developed training, education and environmental awareness projects.

Bus4.me, the on-demand transport system, born to the mobility company TGO DX of the Direxis group, has proven to be an industry-leading technology solution designed to simplify the implementation and management of on-demand transport services. Its vision is to offer communities, businesses and administrations a more efficient, convenient, safe, agile and sustainable way to get around. This recognition is a testament to its ongoing commitment to making mobility more accessible and sustainable for everyone, while making a positive contribution to improving environmental performance.