TGO DX company collaborating with La Fundació Patrimoni Natural

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The mobility company TGO DX, has become a collaborating company with La Fundació Patrimoni Natural, an initiative that works for the preservation and improvement of the natural environment and the conditions of the emergency bodies in the environment of the natural park of Sant Llorenç del Munt and Obac.

The foundation is committed to improving the safety and preservation of our natural environment. By raising funds, we are actively working to carry out a series of initiatives that have a positive impact on the prevention, management and improvement of safety in the territory, as well as supporting those who protect us from risks, fires and emergencies.

At TGO DX, we understand that respecting the environment is an intrinsic part of protecting people and ensuring a sustainable future for everyone. Our mission is to promote activities in the natural environment that not only provide unforgettable experiences, but also put the safety of people and the health of the planet first.