bus4.me, runner-up for best company in commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability

The bus4.me project, created by GrupTG DX and marketed nationally, has been awarded second place for the best company in commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability, as part of the 12th Baix Llobregat Nord 2023 Business Initiative Competition.

The awards, which seek to recognise actions aimed at reducing energy demand through efficient technologies, transition to renewable energies and implementation of energy management systems, have valued bus4.me’s commitment to sustainability and its contribution to a greener future.

This recognition is part of the ‘Basura red, Basura Emprendida’ programme, which seeks to highlight entrepreneurial and business efforts in the region. The awards highlight the importance of business initiatives that work to improve energy efficiency and sustainability, contributing to the fight against climate change.

The bus4.me project is an initiative led by GrupTG DX, which has become a benchmark in its field thanks to its innovative vision and commitment to sustainable mobility. By developing advanced technological solutions, bus4.me has managed to improve energy efficiency and public transport management, optimising routes and timetables to reduce environmental impact.

With this award, bus4.me consolidates its position as a company committed to sustainability and energy efficiency, and encourages other companies to follow its example in the fight for a cleaner and more environmentally friendly future.