T-mobilitat arrives to all the MasatsTG DX lines

  • The new system comes into operation on MasatsTG DX urban and interurban lines.
  • Tickets can be purchased through all official T-mobilitat channels: applications, machines at railway stations and T-mobilitat authorised operators’ customer service points.

This week, T-mobilitat is integrating new bus lines in Igualada and the surrounding area. The company MasatsTG DX, part of the GrupTG DX, which provides the Igualada urban service and various interurban lines in the surrounding area, has joined the network.

With the latest incorporations, the deployment of T-mobility in the bus network of the six fare zones of the Barcelona MTA is more than 90%. The remaining bus operations, which have different technologies and have required ad hoc adaptations of the T-mobilitat system, will take place in the coming weeks.

The expansion of T-mobility outside the Barcelona metropolitan area has been gradual since last summer. The new system currently allows travel on the entire Barcelona MTA rail network, the entire bus network of the Barcelona metropolitan area and practically all intercity and urban bus services in zones 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. The territorial expansion of the system can be consulted on the T-mobility website.

Currently working validations with T-mobility exceed 550,000 and there are more than 880,000 people registered in the new system.

Sales channels

The sale of Barcelona ATM tickets in all zones is carried out through the official T-mobilitat marketing channels:

  • TMB, Ferrocarrils, Rodalies and TRAM operators’ vending machines.
  • The T-mobilitat, TMB and FGC websites, in the case of card purchase.
  • The T-mobilitat, TMB App and FGC T-mobilitat applications.

The T-mobilitat service points on the public transport network.

Transport tickets purchased with the T-mobilitat system also benefit from the same discount as magnetic system tickets. In this sense, tickets for all zones of the T-usual (also FM/FN), T-casual and T-jove (also FM/FN) can be purchased with the corresponding fare reduction until 31 December 2022. It should be remembered that all integrated transport tickets will be valid until 15 January 2023. More information on the fare reduction and its conditions can be found on the Barcelona MTA website.

Channels of attention

The T-mobilitat provides citizens with different channels for answering queries and resolving incidents: